To Dishcloth, or Not?

If you asked me how I felt about crochet dishcloths a month ago, I would have looked at you in somewhat of a deep thought,  lifted the right corner of my lips, creased the right eyebrow above it, and in a split second  I would have told you, “Nah, I wouldn’t  use them.”

WELL my friends, my perspective on crochet dishcloths has certainly changed!

After finding a wonderful dishcloth pattern book (I’ll reference it later),  I searched for the 100% cotton yarn it recommended and headed straight for the check-out counter. A few minutes drive and I was home. Eagerly, I created my first dishcloth in a matter of minutes. Okay, okay. Sixty minutes is what I’m talking about here. Anyhoo, the cloth was completed, I stared at it for a good while, and sighed. ” This isn’t going to clean my nasty dishes, nor will it hold up in the washing machine,” I thought to myself. “No way!”

So, I threw it in the kitchen sink and started washing the dirty dishes. Let’s just say the crochet dishcloth left my dishes squeeky, sparkly clean! Amazement number one.

Next day, I threw the cloth in the washing machine thinking it was going to shrink up to the size of a dime (if it survived at all!). Drying time came and went. Immediately, the crochet dishcloth was taken out of the dryer, and LOW AND BEHOLD… NO SHRINKAGE and it DIDN’T  COME APART! Amazement number two.

An entire month of using the dishcloth (Of course it was washed frequently! Come onnnn, people.), and it’s still held its integrity. Amazement number three.

Go ahead. Ask me what I think of crochet dishcloths now.

I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEE crochet dishcloths!


Photo taken by:  Debra Lee
Photo taken by: Debra Lee


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