Keep Your Photos Protected

Many of us (myself included) spend countless hours setting up a spot to take photos of our finished crochet projects. The lighting must be just right, the background must tell a story, and our finished project has to do magic tricks, like stand on its toes! With all of that taken into account, we upload our photos onto our website and think to ourselves, “Hey! That looks really good!” Everything is fine and dandy until some lazy, good-for-nothing Picture Thief comes to steal them! The Picture Thief uploads YOUR amazing photos onto their website and claims them as their own. All of your hard work down the drain.


Photo Source:
Photo Source:

Always, always, ALWAYS remember to watermark your photos, or even better, get them copy written. Your work is YOUR work and no one else’s. No one works as hard as you do to get your website up and running. Why take the risk of someone stealing what you’ve taken days to complete?

This is an extremely important issue to me, and I hope it falls high on your priority list, too. I’m using a 100% FREE, Norton trusted software called:  “UMark5.” Simply download it to your pc, run it, upload your images, set the watermark, and your done! It does batches of photos at a time, so you don’t waste YOUR time. You can always pay to upgrade to the “Pro” software they offer, but otherwise, “UMark5” is always free to use. Picture watermarks can be used, too.

 I’m completely happy with the software – no issues with it at all. 🙂 Let me know what you think of this software, and if you use a different software to protect your photos. Thanks, ya’ll!

3 thoughts on “Keep Your Photos Protected

  1. For static watermarks, I usually Photoshop/GIMP a watermark onto the picture for that extra control over colors and transparency to make it blend better.

    If you want to go one step further though, there’s Digify which can do movable watermarks and prevent image download. I blogged about Digify’s image protection features here: Feel free to take a look.


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