The Lost Art of Finger Crochet

OH. MY. GOSH…! I just fell in love with a NEW way to crochet – finger crocheting! Who knew that one could crochet with a mere finger? Well, I suppose it could have been assumed, but I had never heard of it before yesterday. Hmm… it must be a lost art…? What say you?

I know the question is boiling up in your mind, “How the heck do you finger crochet anyway?” It’s quite simple, really. all you need is bulky yarn and your dominant index finger (AKA:  Mr. Pointer). Start with a slip knot like you always do. Be sure to leave enough room for both index finger and thumb to fit through at the same time. Begin to chain by putting your index finger through the loop. Grab the strand of yarn with your index finger, YO, and pull through with both index finger and thumb. Repeat until desired CH length is achieved. Ta-dah! Your on your way to creating a masterpiece!

Finger crochet is ideal for scarves and blankets. Keep in mind that anything fancy, like motifs, should be left for the good ol’ crochet hook. Not only will your finger crochet projects work up quickly and have a chunky, luxurious texture, but they’ll be extra warm and toasty around your body because of the bulky yarn used. 🙂 Additionally, keep your stitches small by using SC, HDC, and DC (click here to view crochet abbreviations). Go any taller and finger crocheting becomes difficult to do. It’s not that it’s impossible – just a pain in the rear! I tried it. No es practical. (It’s not practical.)

Photo taken by:  Debra Lee
Photo taken by: Debra Lee

As for tension, I’m a really tight crocheter, which I learned, affects my finger crocheting immensely. Upon working my first finger crochet swatch, my right index finger began to turn purple while slowly plumping and going numb. SHEESH! Yes, I do have to learn to finger crochet loosely. There obviously is a learning curve if you’ve never done finger crocheting before. Tension being part of it. The other portion of the learning curve is the chain. When I first created my chain, it was uneven, much like when I began crocheting for the first time! Don’t worry. Practice always makes perfect! Needless to say, my chain looked far better the second time.

So, don’t just sit there daydreaming of what it would be like to finger crochet – get to it! Wal-Mart is almost always just around the corner (they usually have bulky yarn in stock :D). Let me know how your finger crochet project turns out in the comment box below. Cheers!

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