It’s Going to Be a Spooooky Halloween!

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Photo Source:

It’s that time of year, everyone! Kids are getting ready to head back to school for yet another fun-filled, adventurous year, and fall is lurking just around the corner. With fall comes the start of THE holidays:  Halloween! Boy, oh boy is it going to be a spooooky one this year! I’ll tell you why…

I’ll be crocheting some really scary costume accessories for kids and home decor, such as a Frankenstein Hat, Scary Skull Bag, and Spider Web Table Topper. But, don’t let these patterns scare you away from trying them out! They’re all categorized as “Easy” crochet patterns, so there’s no excuses. 😀 Go ahead. Pick up your crochet hook and some yarn, and get to creating your favorite, spooky Halloween costume, accessory, or home decor tonight!

P.S. Photos will be posted as I begin working on each project. Stay tuned!

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