Crochet No-No’s

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You DON’T want to crochet under lots of circumstances, but here are the two main no-no’s to crocheting:

1.) Don’t crochet when you’re feeling frustrated.

Frustration can lead to lack of focus with your crochet project. You’ll find yourself daydreaming instead of reading the pattern. Needless to say, you’ll become a million times more frustrated with yourself because you’ll constantly be attempting to refocus on the same part of the pattern over and over again.

2.) Don’t crochet when you’re feeling tired.

When you become tired, your brain doesn’t make good decisions (according to the American Psychological Association). Imagine starting a new crochet project and having to read, and constantly re-read the pattern constantly because your brain wants you to go to sleep! You’ll be crocheting one row and then have to unravel that same row more than once. Ridiculous! Simply put the crochet hook down, follow your brain’s warning signs, and go straight to bed!

Save yourself time and frustration by listening to your body’s signals. Don’t crochet while feeling frustrated or tired unless you want to end up throwing your crochet materials against the wall and screaming at the top of your lungs (yeah, been there, done that…!)! Stay cool, collective, and well-rested.

Happy crocheting, everyone!

2 thoughts on “Crochet No-No’s

  1. I would disagree with #1. Crochet is the best therapy for frustration or stress, but the trick is doing either something very simple (super simple pot holders, coasters, “cotton pads”, mug cozies) or doing something that requires little counting.

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    1. Keeping the pattern simple and having little counting to do would definitely help ease frustration. I just know that if I’ve had it (especially with the kiddos), it’s difficult to focus on my crochet projects. Thanks for the comment! 🙂 Enjoy your weekend.


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