How to Care for Anything Crochet

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You’ve received a crochet shawl from a dear friend. You absolutely love it soo much that you have worn it to no end! Time to wash the shawl, but how?

Caring for anything crochet is not tricky, but may require a little time and effort. Acrylics can be machine washed on the gentle cycle, and put in the dryer on low heat. Some frizzing may occur if put in the dryer though. Cottons work the same way (but, don’t frizz), although I’d take extra precautions when drying cotton crochet items, especially if it’s a garment. Your beautiful cardigan may shrink to toddler size! Any other blend, hand wash and air dry.

As for fabric softener, it’s always made my acrylics, cotyons, and blends softer. I’d say, go for it! Unless of course you, or the person you’re gifting to, has skin sensitivity.

In summary:

100% Acrylic – Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle; tumble dry low heat

100% Cotton – Machine wash in cold water on gentle cycle; reshape and allow to air dry

Blends – Hand wash, reshape to air dry

Fabric softener – Use if you can


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