Types of Crochet Yarn: So What?!

Photo Source:  BigStock.com
Photo Source: BigStock.com

If you’re anything like me, I’m sure you have a stash of various types of yarn in your home. Tons of new stock, some scarp yarn, and partially used skeins… Heck, some may even call you a Yarn Hoarder! Just tell ’em, “Don’t be jealous!” Ha-ha! Yesssss, I’m going to cover types of crochet yarn because it’s THE very object that brings your crochet creations to life! Here’s the ‘dish’ on types of crochet yarn:

1.) It’s Numbered

Crochet yarn is numbered from 1-6.

  • 1 = Super Fine (Used for socks, baby clothes/blankets/toys, or anything delicate; really thin yarn)
  • 2= Fine (Usually called ‘sport yarn,’ or ‘baby yarn’)
  • 3= Light (AKA:  DK yarn, or double knitting yarn; used for lighter weight garments/blankets)
  • 4= Medium (Most versatile and is the ‘go-to’ yarn for most crocheters; not too thin, not too thick)
  • 5= Bulky (Can be used for scarves; thick yarn)
  • 6= Super Bulky (Use this for rugs and finger crochet; super thick yarn)

2.) The Name is in the Color

There are a few categories of color with crochet yarn:

  • Ombre = Shades of one color are used along the strand of yarn; shades typically go from dark to light
  • Multi-colored = Self explained; there are several (greater, or equal to two) colors along the strand of yarn
  • Heathered/Tweed = Has random specks/flecks of a different colored fiber along the colored yarn
  • Shimmer = Contains small pieces of tinsel along the yarn to make it shimmer

3.) Stick With What the Pattern Tells Ya

Before starting your crochet project, always read through the pattern at least TWICE. This will help you become familiar with the abbreviations used, how the designer likes to write their patterns, and most importantly, what materials you’ll need to complete the project. It’s critical to stick with the same yarn weight that the project asks for. For instance, let’s say the pattern asks for medium worsted yarn, but all you have is bulky yarn. Should you go ahead and use the bulky weight yarn for the project? NOPE. Your crochet project will turn out much, much bigger (I’m talking monster huge!) than it was initially meant to be. Same goes for the opposite situation. If the pattern asks for super bulky weight yarn and all you have is light weight yarn. Use the light weight yarn, or lose it? Yes, that’s right. LOSE it. The one thing you can do is substitute yarn brands for the same weight in another brand. Just be sure to check your gauge!

2 thoughts on “Types of Crochet Yarn: So What?!

  1. I have trouble with some of the yarn weights, because… yeah, Eastern Europe. Worsted is the worst to define for me based on some of the labels I find. I’m starting to be pretty good at converting weight per meter to size… where at least that info is on the label.

    I love your informative posts! Keep them coming!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Budapest Crocheter, thank you for your kind words! I’m glad that you find them informative. Thank you again for following Handmade Crochet Boutique. 🙂 It’s really exciting knowing that I’m reaching out to you in Europe! Have a super weekend! Hope to hear from you soon.


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