What You Should Know About Crocheting Garments

I’m venturing off in a new direction, my Friends! After months of debating whether or not  to follow suit in crocheting my own garments for the fall, I’ve decided to go with YES! Though I have made baby and toddler outfits in the past, I have never attempted a form-fitting top. Here are a few pointers that will help anyone (including me!) who is looking forward to crocheting their own garments:

1. Check Your Gauge
This is imperative and ever crucial! Yes, it takes time, but it’s nothing compared to having to unravel a week’s worth of crochet work (makes me want to cry!). So, make your swatch. Measure it and make sure it correlates exactly with what the pattern tells you. Otherwise, change your crochet hook size.

2. Measure Yourself
Much like the gauge, you want to make sure your body measurements are precise. This will make or break your project, so double and triple check your body measurements. Use a ‘soft’ measuring tape with a firm band (one that doesn’t stretch) to ensure an precise measurement. Leave enough room for breathing!

3. Pick A Garment You Love
There’s nothing worse than forcing yourself to work on a project you really don’t like. Be sure that the garment you crochet is versitile, meaning that you can wear it either year ’round, or you can mix and match it with more than 30% of your wardrobe. Afterall, why waste your time and effort making a garment that you’ll only wear once a year?!

4. Pick An Easy Project
I don’t literally mean pick an ‘Easy’ level project. If you’re up for a challenge, go for it! What I do mean is for you to go through the crochet pattern a few times before you decide on ‘THE ONE.’ Double check materials, such as the type of yarn needed, crochet hook size(s), notions (are buttons or snaps needed?), special abbreviations, and how the pattern works up in general. I like for my patterns to tell me what part of the garment I’ll be working on. It helps me to visually understand what’s going to happen next.

Best wishes with your garment crochet project!  I hope that it’s a winner, and that you’ll enjoy wearing it for years to come. 🙂

Debra Lee

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