I Typically Don’t Do This , But HAVE to Tell You About It…!

It’s one of those days where I’m bored out of my mind and am surfing the World Wide Web for a place to sell my cell phone. I come across some popular sites, but they immediately turned me off because they were soo overloaded with content. As my search continued, I stumble over a website called, “Cellgistics.” As I poked through the site, I notice how well-organized it was and how easy it was to navigate. One-click navigation is my kind of site! Anyway, I decided to get a quote from Cellgistics and was pleasantly surprised. They actually quoted me more for my cell phone (I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 3) than my own provider did, and more than the “popular” sites did! Though I was hesitant to go through the selling process because I had never heard of them before, I read over the Customer Reviews, and they won me over. Cellgistics sent me a mailing label (at no cost to me) immediately after I received my quote. All I needed to do was find a box for my phone. Pretty simple if you ask me!

Needless to say, the transaction process went smoothly and I got the amount they quoted me (I was quoted $95 about five days ago)! I noticed they offered to pay me either by mailing me a check, or by using PayPal, which are nice options to have. They do have a Facebook page, Twitter page, and other social media (all of which checked out to be the real deal). Plus! I didn’t even have to leave my home to sell my phone! Overall, I’m one happy Customer, Cellgistics! (I hope you read this one day). 🙂

So, if you’re in the market for selling your cell phone, check out http://www.Cellgistics.com. They may be the underdog now, but they have their stuff together, and will more than likely shoot to the top of the list!

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