Excuse the Confusion

Hi everyone! Just a heads up – my website is currently undergoing some MAJOR changes (and for the good)! I’m FINALLY adding my “Crochet Boutique” section, where you’ll be able to PURCHASE my select crochet items!


I’ll be accepting payments via PayPal, and hope to expand my payment options in the near future to include all major credit cards. Keep in mind that all purchases made via PayPal are safe and secure, and are backed 100% by PayPal’s Purchase Protection. (This means you don’t have to worry yourself to death when buying anything crochet from my website.) In case you don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up for free by clicking here. (Don’t be silly! PayPal is not paying me to advertise for them, or endorse them in any way, shape, or form. 🙂 Just giving you guys a shortcut to their landing page.)

So, if you see headers that are out of place, or some crazy-looking codes that look like they were created by some alien life-form, fear not! I assure you that the aliens landed on Earth last night and told me to let you know that everything on the website will be up and ready within the next month. Ha ha!

I thank you for your patience and continued support!

Lots of love and laughter,

Debra Lee

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