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Debra Lee

Howdy! My name is Debra Lee, and I’d like to welcome you to Handmade Crochet Boutique. I’ve been crocheting for five years, and absolutely LOVE it! It would be an honor to share my crochet patterns, tips, and finished products with YOU!

A bit about myself…

Low angle view of a Texas flags laying among bluebonnet flowers on a bright spring day in the Texas Hill Country
Photo Source:  BigStock.com

I’m a born and raised Texan (“Yee-haw!”) who migrated my way over to Florida (pure sunshine indeed!). I’m a Professional Household Manager, Mother of two sweethearts, and Wife-to-Be of the GREATEST man on Earth. 🙂 Crocheting is my FAVORITE  hobby, and has become the perfect platform for earning extra income for my family. Somewhere along my migration to The Sunshine State, I learned how to crochet from a family member. Basics were taught, such as creating a chain, single crochet, double crochet, and making swatches.

Let’s face it – starting to crochet feels absolutely awkward at first! Agreed? Yes! Your dominant hand has the crochet hook, and the inferior hand has this thin piece of yarn weaving through it. Your fingers begin to tense up, and there’s much frustration to come. Chain 20, single crochet in second chain from hook and in the remaining chains. An “Oh crap, I messed up” pops up along the way, so you unravel the ENTIRE thing. “Here we go again!” you say to yourself while holding the crochet hook tighter with anger and unspeakable frustration. Then suddenly, all the chains you created and constant unraveling of yarn becomes a thing of the past, and you createan ACTUAL work of art! All your time and hard work finally paid off. Your new swatch is PERFECT.

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