Too Cute to Handle (and Eat)!

If you read my blog from midnight today, you know that I picked up a couple of crochet kits from my local grocery store last night. (In case you need to catch up on my latest and greatest blog, click here.) Nevertheless, I woke up this morning with only ONE thing in mind- to work on a “Yummy Crochet” project; and that’s exactly what I did! Thanks to Kristen Rask, I now have the most ADORABLE, oh-so-squishy crochet cupcake sitting smugly on my ottoman. 

You’re probably wondering how the pattern went. Was it hard? Did it make sense? Were there incorrect instructions? So, here’s the absolute truth:

“Cupcakes” pattern was extremely easy to read and follow. Now, I’m not just saying this because I am an experienced crocheter. They truly are straightforward and mistake free! The one thing I do want to critique is the lack of assembly instructions. My little guy came out with a flat top, but he should have been rounded out on top. No big deal, but the assembly instructions would have helped to make him turn out just right. 

Verdict on “Yummy Crochet:  12 Projects Too Cute to Eat!”? Well, after crocheting one project, so far so good. Let me make a few more before I make my final judgement! ☺ 

Take care, y’all! ¡Hasta luego!


P.S. Can you say, “Valentine’s Day gift!”?! Oh-em-gee, YES!

Holy Moly, Kristen Rask!


I was at my favorite, local grocery store earlier (Aldi’s of course!), and as I was purusing the ‘specialty aisle,’ Ray pointed out these MARVELOUS items to me! Can you guess what they were?!

YES! Two crochet project kits by Kristen Rask! (She’s quite popular, you know!) One is titled, “Yummy Crochet:  12 Projects Too Cute to Eat!” The other is called, “Woodland Crochet:  12 Precious Projects to Stitch and Snuggle.” Each crochet kit comes with enough worsted weight yarn to make two adorable projects, plushie stuffing, a 2.7 mm steel crochet hook, and of course, the pattern book, which contains twelve sweet amigarumi patterns. I seriously recommend going out to your local Aldi’s TODAY to purchase these lovely kits before they’re all gone! I’m going to start crocheting a yummy project now. Hee hee. Have a goodnight, y’all!

‘Tis the Season to Crochet

Who’s counting down to Christmas? I know my family and I are! (Yes, there are only THREE days to go!) With Christmas in mind, I went to town with my crochet hooks, crocheting one timeless piece after another. And so, allow me to introduce you to a few pieces I put together.

Hanging merrily from the ladder in the back is a scarf I created (FREE pattern will be posted soon!) using a yarn called, “Comfort 12” by Jack Frost Yarn Co. Not only was the 50 gram ball priced right at a dollar and change back in the day, but the yarn itself feels wonderful! If you come across this vintage yarn, buy the entire lot and make yourself lots and lots of beautiful crochet items!

On the sofa, there is a pillow splashed with the colors of fall and I’ll argue- Christmas! See the red and green? Yup! The story behind this pillow is such:  I had two pillows which were going to pot from being put in the washing machine soo often. I didn’t want to toss them because they’re super comfy! So, I find a stitch pattern from my favorite handy-dandy book entitled, Crochet Stitch Guide by Jean Leinhauser and Mary Ann Frits, and come up with pillow covers for the pair. I tell you, it was a sigh of relief knowing that my two comfy pillows would not be thrown out! (No worries! Click HERE for my FREE Pillow Cover Pattern!) 

Last but not least, there is a cream colored lap blanket draped neatly over the head of the sofa. I used “Caron by the Pound” yarn for this pretty piece, and it’s THE softest blanket I’ve ever crocheted! It gets softer and softer with each wash, and makes the perfect Christmas gift for any loved one. (The stitch pattern was acquired from my handy-dandy pocket book mentioned above. See page 27 when you buy it! The stitch pattern can be found there.)

I hope my enthusiasm for crochet has inspired you to create your own masterpieces! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many blessings to you all.

(Revised 12/27/2016)

It’s HCB’s One-Year Anniversary!

Me-oh-my has time flown by! It seems like I just started blogging about crochet yesterday… 
Yes, an entire YEAR has gone by since Handmade Crochet Boutique (HCB) molded into being. Happy One-Year Anniversary to me! 🙂 To celebrate HCB’s anniversary, I’ve compiled a handful of spectacular, FREE crochet patterns especially for you! These patterns include some that I am currently working on, as well as those that are on my “Must Make” list. So, grab your favorite beverage, kick back in your comfy chair, and crochet the day (or, week) away!

1.) “Toddler Joyful Jumper” by Cristina Mershon

2.) “Hamptons Crochet Beach Bag” by Bernat

3.) “Bright and Beautiful Crochet Tunic” by Caron Yarns

4.) “Garden Bag” by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream

5.) “Sunkissed Lace Cover Up” by Ann Regis (for Red Heart Yarns)

6.) “Jack Skellington” by April Folts

7.) “Alien LGM” by Sharon Ojala

8.) “Easter Cross Appliqué” by Maggie Weldon

9.) “How to crochet an EASY children’s sweater/ hoodie/ jacket” by Wooly Wonders Crochet

10.) “Boy’s Dino Sweater” by Sharon Mann
(PSST! Let me know which one of these really cool patterns you’re working on in the comment section below. Enjoy! 🙂 )

Kid Road Map: The Adventure Ends

I’ve OFFICIALLY  completed the kid road map I had been working on (a CAL brought to us by HappyBerry)! I must say that it was a fun and delightful adventure, with the exception of a few bumps on the road. Ha ha! But, where would the adventure be if the bumps weren’t waiting for us?

I must say that if you have Little Ones, this is the best toy for them. Mine are eager to have one made especially for them! (This kid road map is a special gift for a special Little One. 🙂 ) Not is it super soft to touch, and the textures are endless, but it encourages their little imaginations to run wild!


Yes, my piggie, car, and sail boat are exaggerated in size, but I did so intentionally so they could be handled easier by the recipient of this super cute gift. 

I hope to see YOUR version of HappyBerry’s kid road map soon! Feel free to post yours in the comment section below. 🙂

Happy crocheting, y’all!

Kid Road Map: An Exciting Adventure Awaits!

Howdy! I MUST tell you all about my current W.I.P. (work in progress)…

It’s a kids road map that is absolutely super-awesome, fun-filled, and has endless-imaginative possibilities! There are hay bales, a freshly plugged field, long, lush, green grass, and a turning road that can go on for miles upon miles. (Not to mention there’s LOTS more to add to the map than what I just typed!)

I got the pattern from the one and only HappyBerry (click on her name to be taken to the first episode of this crochet-a-long(CAL)). The woman is a true genius, and extremely talented! Hats off to her!


While the road map is indeed a blanket-sized map (I believe she said it’ll be 4’x5′ when completed), I have chosen to downsize mine to 3 squares by 4 squares. Each square is 4″x4″, and the yarn she recommends is DK (AKA:  baby sport, or 3-ply) yarn. I’ve used both DK and worsted weight yarn (4-ply) for my map; I simply adjusted the hook size to match my gauge.

My next two squares will be the pond with the round-top trees. I seriously don’t want to sleep tonight so I can finish working on it! It’s THAT addicting! Ha ha!

Don’t worry. I’ll keep you guys updated on my road map. But, until then, I wish you all a happy and safe weekend. 🙂

Excuse the Confusion

Hi everyone! Just a heads up – my website is currently undergoing some MAJOR changes (and for the good)! I’m FINALLY adding my “Crochet Boutique” section, where you’ll be able to PURCHASE my select crochet items!


I’ll be accepting payments via PayPal, and hope to expand my payment options in the near future to include all major credit cards. Keep in mind that all purchases made via PayPal are safe and secure, and are backed 100% by PayPal’s Purchase Protection. (This means you don’t have to worry yourself to death when buying anything crochet from my website.) In case you don’t have a PayPal account, you can sign up for free by clicking here. (Don’t be silly! PayPal is not paying me to advertise for them, or endorse them in any way, shape, or form. 🙂 Just giving you guys a shortcut to their landing page.)

So, if you see headers that are out of place, or some crazy-looking codes that look like they were created by some alien life-form, fear not! I assure you that the aliens landed on Earth last night and told me to let you know that everything on the website will be up and ready within the next month. Ha ha!

I thank you for your patience and continued support!

Lots of love and laughter,

Debra Lee

Sugar and Spice, and Everything Girlie!


I have long been wanting to make clothing for my Little One, and finally did! Here’s a sweet chevron dress I crocheted for her. It fits like a glove (remember that gauge is extremely important when working up garments)! This dress is made beautifully girlie with a crochet bow added at the waist. A MUST-HAVE in any girl’s wardrobe!

Caron “One Pound,” worsted weight yarn was used in colors peach and cream. The pattern was easy to follow, and didn’t have any mistakes (at least for the size for 4-year-olds). And! I know you’re dying to know where the pattern came from! Yes, you guessed it. It’s a Red Heart pattern! Here it is:

Child Chevron Dress by Lorene Eppolite

Enjoy this freebie, y’all! And, don’t forget to post a photo of YOUR completed chevron dress in the
comment section below. I’d love to see your work!

It’s a Turtle, It’s a Basket, It’s… A Turtle Toy!

I have been M.I.A. for quite some time now, and want to apologize. During my time, I have put together a few patterns to share with you all! Woo-hoo!

The most recent, and literally fresh off the hook, is my Turtle Basket Toy. I must say that the little guy turned out exquisitely ADORABLE! Take a ‘looksie’ for yourself. 🙂

Easter and TMNT (“Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”) were my inspiration for him. I also wanted to create a multi-purpose item that my Nephew could use year-’round. So yes, the turtle is an Easter basket, toy, and decoration all in one! 🙂



The pattern will soon be uploaded to, so stay tuned!