Too Cute to Handle (and Eat)!

If you read my blog from midnight today, you know that I picked up a couple of crochet kits from my local grocery store last night. (In case you need to catch up on my latest and greatest blog, click here.) Nevertheless, I woke up this morning with only ONE thing in mind- to work on a “Yummy Crochet” project; and that’s exactly what I did! Thanks to Kristen Rask, I now have the most ADORABLE, oh-so-squishy crochet cupcake sitting smugly on my ottoman. 

You’re probably wondering how the pattern went. Was it hard? Did it make sense? Were there incorrect instructions? So, here’s the absolute truth:

“Cupcakes” pattern was extremely easy to read and follow. Now, I’m not just saying this because I am an experienced crocheter. They truly are straightforward and mistake free! The one thing I do want to critique is the lack of assembly instructions. My little guy came out with a flat top, but he should have been rounded out on top. No big deal, but the assembly instructions would have helped to make him turn out just right. 

Verdict on “Yummy Crochet:  12 Projects Too Cute to Eat!”? Well, after crocheting one project, so far so good. Let me make a few more before I make my final judgement! ☺ 

Take care, y’all! ¡Hasta luego!


P.S. Can you say, “Valentine’s Day gift!”?! Oh-em-gee, YES!

Holy Moly, Kristen Rask!


I was at my favorite, local grocery store earlier (Aldi’s of course!), and as I was purusing the ‘specialty aisle,’ Ray pointed out these MARVELOUS items to me! Can you guess what they were?!

YES! Two crochet project kits by Kristen Rask! (She’s quite popular, you know!) One is titled, “Yummy Crochet:  12 Projects Too Cute to Eat!” The other is called, “Woodland Crochet:  12 Precious Projects to Stitch and Snuggle.” Each crochet kit comes with enough worsted weight yarn to make two adorable projects, plushie stuffing, a 2.7 mm steel crochet hook, and of course, the pattern book, which contains twelve sweet amigarumi patterns. I seriously recommend going out to your local Aldi’s TODAY to purchase these lovely kits before they’re all gone! I’m going to start crocheting a yummy project now. Hee hee. Have a goodnight, y’all!