It’s HCB’s One-Year Anniversary!

Me-oh-my has time flown by! It seems like I just started blogging about crochet yesterday… 
Yes, an entire YEAR has gone by since Handmade Crochet Boutique (HCB) molded into being. Happy One-Year Anniversary to me! 🙂 To celebrate HCB’s anniversary, I’ve compiled a handful of spectacular, FREE crochet patterns especially for you! These patterns include some that I am currently working on, as well as those that are on my “Must Make” list. So, grab your favorite beverage, kick back in your comfy chair, and crochet the day (or, week) away!

1.) “Toddler Joyful Jumper” by Cristina Mershon

2.) “Hamptons Crochet Beach Bag” by Bernat

3.) “Bright and Beautiful Crochet Tunic” by Caron Yarns

4.) “Garden Bag” by Lily Sugar ‘n Cream

5.) “Sunkissed Lace Cover Up” by Ann Regis (for Red Heart Yarns)

6.) “Jack Skellington” by April Folts

7.) “Alien LGM” by Sharon Ojala

8.) “Easter Cross AppliquĂ©” by Maggie Weldon

9.) “How to crochet an EASY children’s sweater/ hoodie/ jacket” by Wooly Wonders Crochet

10.) “Boy’s Dino Sweater” by Sharon Mann
(PSST! Let me know which one of these really cool patterns you’re working on in the comment section below. Enjoy! 🙂 )

Merry Christmas! I Bring You Gifts of Joy!



Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

-Santa Claus

You may think that I’m giving you your gift a few weeks too early, but I figured you’d need some time to enjoy what I have to offer. 🙂

At this point, you’ve probably figured out that I LOVE using Red Heart patterns, which is why I’m giving you the gift of thirty (yes, THIRTY) fun-filled crochet and knit patterns for Christmas! I do hope you enjoy your present, and are as thrilled as I am to dive into Red Heart’s FREE eBook titled, “Decorate and Celebrate“!  Go ahead. Click it so you can get some much needed R & R this weekend.

I’m going to work on the “Christmas Tree Wall Hanging,” featured on page 59 of “Decorate and Celebrate.” My kiddos are going to be SUPER excited to hang the itty-bitty mittons on the Christmas tree as each day of December comes closer to Christmas Day. Let me know what YOU’LL be working on this weekend in the Comment Section below. 🙂

Turkey Tom and All His Glory


Photo Taken By: Debra Lee

I must say that Red Heart has some really AWESOME, free crochet patterns! Included is the pattern for Turkey Tom (pattern titled, “Tom Turkey“). I finished him up in a matter of hours, plopped him on my dinning table,  and starred at him in awe. (Mind you, I dusted his inside fluff with my very own pumpkin pie spice mix- AKA:  Gobble-Gobble Cologne! “WOW” is all I have to say.)

” He’s soo CUTE!” I constantly repeated in my head (and, thank God it was in my head!). So, I decided to make some friends for Turkey Tom and sell them. It was a great gig while it lasted! Many thanks to everyone who placed an order. 🙂

After all his pals were created, Turkey Tom sat on my dinning table, on top of my ‘squash cornucopia’ centerpiece, smiling. He was stuffed. He smelled oh-so tasty. He was GLORIOUS!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! Many blessings to you and your family.

Love always,
Debra Lee

Debra Lee

“Are You Ready for Some Football?”, or Better Yet… HOCKEY?! (FREE eBook Inside)


Hey, all you FOOTBALL and HOCKEY fans out there! I’m sure it’s getting chilly in your neck of the woods (unless you live where I do, or where I’m from!), so how about some NEW crochet Game Day ponchos and accessories?! Yup, I’ve done you the favor of saving Red Heart’s “Sports Fever” eBook.


In Red Heart’s wonderfully FREE eBook, you’ll find a nice variety of ponchos, warms hats for both men and women, a comfy stadium seat coushin, cozies, and we can’t forget about baby attire! Soo many exclamation points, yes I know, but fall is a wonderful time of year because I get to see my Boys back in action on the ice! Not to mention, the voices of the football commentators always get me in the ‘fall mood.’ Ha ha!

The patterns are about 50% crochet, 50% knitting, which means we ALL WIN – both crocheters and knitters alike! Most of the patterns are also rated at ‘Level II, Easy.’ No headaches with these patterns (I hope!). Additionally, “Sports Fever” eBook gives you the opportunity to use up all your 4/worsted weight yarn. Yippee! I know I can definitely get rid of some of the hoards of worsted weight yarn I have stashed away in large, plastic bins.

So, enjoy your “Sports Fever” eBook, and show off what you’ve made in the Comment section below! I’d LOVE to hear from ya!

I Typically Don’t Do This , But HAVE to Tell You About It…!

It’s one of those days where I’m bored out of my mind and am surfing the World Wide Web for a place to sell my cell phone. I come across some popular sites, but they immediately turned me off because they were soo overloaded with content. As my search continued, I stumble over a website called, “Cellgistics.” As I poked through the site, I notice how well-organized it was and how easy it was to navigate. One-click navigation is my kind of site! Anyway, I decided to get a quote from Cellgistics and was pleasantly surprised. They actually quoted me more for my cell phone (I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 3) than my own provider did, and more than the “popular” sites did! Though I was hesitant to go through the selling process because I had never heard of them before, I read over the Customer Reviews, and they won me over. Cellgistics sent me a mailing label (at no cost to me) immediately after I received my quote. All I needed to do was find a box for my phone. Pretty simple if you ask me!

Needless to say, the transaction process went smoothly and I got the amount they quoted me (I was quoted $95 about five days ago)! I noticed they offered to pay me either by mailing me a check, or by using PayPal, which are nice options to have. They do have a Facebook page, Twitter page, and other social media (all of which checked out to be the real deal). Plus! I didn’t even have to leave my home to sell my phone! Overall, I’m one happy Customer, Cellgistics! (I hope you read this one day). 🙂

So, if you’re in the market for selling your cell phone, check out They may be the underdog now, but they have their stuff together, and will more than likely shoot to the top of the list!

A Crochet Halloween Pattern A Day Keeps the Gobblins Away! (Free Halloween Patterns Inside)

Photo Source:
Photo Source:

Tomorrow is officially OCTOBER 1ST! What does that mean for you? It means a festive month filled with ghosts, gobblins, witches, vampires, werewolves, and the living dead!


Okay, maybe the laugh was a little too much, but hey – it’s my job to try to get you into the spirit of Halloween!

In case you haven’t already checked out for their latest eBook, I’ve attached a SPECTACULAR Halloween crochet and knit pattern eBook that Redheart has compiled for us crochet and knit fanatics entitled, Get Spooky Redheart eBook (click on the title of the eBook to get your copy). 😀 There are 25 crochet and knit patterns to choose from (19 crochet, 6 knit). Most patterns are categorized as “Easy,” thus making them a quick, one day project. Always remember – a crochet Halloween pattern a day keeps the gobblins away!

Go ahead – take a peek and see what you think. I promise Redheart’s Get Spooky! Halloween crochet and knit pattern eBook will enchant you!

God is good; God is GREAT!

Hola Everyone!

My life has taken me on a fun ride, which is why I haven’t blogged in a while. But! Rest assured, my family and I are alive and well (thank God!). Hope you all are in good spirits, and are getting ready for the holidays! I know I am. 😀 Now, I don’t mean to preach to the choir, but my recent journey has brought me to give many thanks to our Lord. Read on…

Photo taken by:  Debra Lee
Photo taken by: Debra Lee

Sometimes we all need to take a moment to sit down, take a deep breath, and thank God for the COUNTLESS blessings He has bestowed upon us. Life’s hard enough as it is; let us not forget that our Lord is ALWAYS with us each and every step of the way.

Give thanks to the Lord for he is good; his love endures forever.

-1 Chronicles 16:34

I was on my Pinterest page earlier and came across something REALLY special – I saw a Pin someone had on their page and knew I just had to give it a try. The pin was for a crochet Prayer Cloth designed by Sadie Sunshine Chapter – Crochet for Cancer. Ever heard of one? I hadn’t prior to seeing it on Pinterest. This cloth has the Lord’s cross on it, and is to be used by anyone who is ill, greiving, praying, or experiencing anything negative (or positive) in their lives. Some will hold the Prayer Cloth, while others will have it in their pocket, wallet, purse, or next to a photo of loved ones (it’s really up to the person). The Prayer Cloth is there to not only provide comfort, but to remind the person that God is with them no matter what.

Immediately, I printed out the pattern (click on the underlined words, ‘Prayer Cloth’ to print yours out), gathered my crochet hook, choices of yarn, and crocheted away. Upon finishing the cloth, I was amazed at how beautiful it really was. There are exactly ten popcorn stitches that are made for the vertical portion of the cross, which is perfect to use to follow along with when praying the Rosary. Yes, I am Catholic, and firmly believe in the power of praying the Rosary.

These Prayer Cloths work up quickly, which makes them THE perfect gift to give to your loved ones. Use whatever yarn you have on hand. Say a prayer over it, or type up the prayer and print it out on a business card. Give the Prayer Cloth and prayer to your family member and let them know how much they mean to you!

Halloween Crochet Patterns

Here’s a list of some of the Halloween crochet patterns I’ve been working on. Some are linked directly to, while others are no longer on the site, but are available via PDF file download. Nevertheless, they are all FREE! 😀 Simply click on the name of the pattern to be directed accordingly. If you have any issues, please leave a comment in the Comment Box below, and I will respond ASAP (promise!). Happy Halloween crocheting!

1.) Frankenstein Hat by Snappy Tots

2.) Bewitching Hat by Michele Wilcox

3.) Spider Web Table Topper by Jessie Rayot

4.) Spiderweb Coasters and Halloween Table Center by Joan Barnett

Check This Out, Mary Shelley!

I spent a rainy afternoon crocheting for one of my favorite holidays:  Halloween! What I ended up with was a green-faced monster with little black hair on his head, and two gray screws protruding from his neck! One name described him perfectly:  FRANKENSTEIN!


Photo taken by:  Debra Lee
Photo taken by: Debra Lee

The monster came to life in my hands within a few hours. I must admit that he was really easy to put together! Although the screw placement was a little off (I’d recommend placing them anywhere after Round 3 from “Complete Face Opening and Work Neck.”), Frankenstein can always be adjusted accordingly.

This pattern name is, “Frankenstein Hat,” designed by Snappy Tots. Red Heart Reflective yarn was recommended for this pattern, but I used Red Heart Super Saver and it worked just as great. It is an “Easy” rated pattern, which means there’s minimal  shaping. Easy-peasy! Enjoy!