5 Ways to Wear Your Favorite Crochet Headwrap

As I previously mentioned in my ‘Headwraps are Back!’ post, headwraps are every girl and woman’s best friend. 😀 Here are five ways to wear your favorite crochet headwrap:

1.) At Home

Being a SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) is a constant, and never ending job! With it comes the joy of washing the dishes, washing clothes, cleaning up after the kid’s messes, cleaning the (what seems like ALWAYS) dirty bathrooms, making sure the kids get bathed, making the beds, and soo much more! As the day progresses with each daunting chore being accomplished, your hair tends to frizz and go every which way across your face. By the day’s end, you look like lightning just struck you not once, but TWICE! Dear God! I’ve found that wearing a crochet headwraps solves the dilemma of ‘lightning struck’ hair. Not one little fly away strand of hair can touch my face! Ahhhh… now THAT’S a SAHM luxury!

2.) Out Running Errands

When you are short on time and have to rush out the door to run some errands, the last thing you need on your plate is to have to spend twenty minutes fixing your unruly hair! Fear not! Crochet headwraps are the perfect solution to a quick, yet chic, way of grooming those strands. Either scrunch your hair, give it a quick straightening at the tips, blow dry, or pick it up in a bun or pony tail, put the crochet headwrap on, and your DONE. Wonderful, isn’t it?

3.) While Exercising

Sweat, sweat, SWEAT! Need I say more? Make a few of your crochet headwraps out of 100% cotton so you can have a wrap that not only looks really cool, but also absorbs all the sweat that starts to bead off your head. This will aid in preventing clogged pores, too because you won’t be smearing sweat and extra dirt and bacteria across your forehead. Sweat solution solved!

4.) At Work

For the working woman, I can definitely relate to what you go through every single morning. You have to wake up super early, dress yourself to make yourself presentable, fix your hair, get your purse and lunch ready, and might even have to do some extras, such as making sure the kids are fed and ready for their day. My goodness! Time to take a breather.


Cut some time out of your hectic morning by utilizing a crochet headwrap. Much like when you run your errands, you don’t want to spend all morning fixing your hair. Your time is precious! Again, scrunch, lightly straighten, blow dry, or pick up your hair, apply your favorite crochet headwrap, and your world will be just a bit more sane. 🙂 Need I mention that EVERYONE at work will be wondering where you got your super-awesome, uber-chic crochet headwrap from? Go ahead. Bragging rights are all yours! 😉

5.) Date Night

What to wear, what to WEAR?! Ohhh, those date nights are exciting, but can be such a headache when it comes to putting together the perfect outfit! And your hair, well… THAT’S a different story all by itself! Let’s just say that you’ve put your sexy ensemble together – shoes, purse, jewelry, and all. Now, let’s focus on your hair. Hypothetically speaking, you’ve crocheted various headwraps in the past week, giving you a wonderful collection to choose from. Among your collection is a sweet, delicate looking crochet headwrap that matches your oh-so-sexy attire. BINGO! After doing some minor hair prepping (product, a few top layer curls, straightening – take your pick!), put your hair off to the side in a pony tail. Immediately put that delicate crochet headwrap on your head, tie it, and you’re ready to dazzle your date (or friends)! 😀

Soooooooo, how do YOU like to wear your favorite crochet headwrap? Leave a comment below! 🙂

Photo taken by:  Debra Lee
Photo taken by: Debra Lee

Hail! The Glorious Quintuplets!

For those of you following my blog, THANK YOU! 😀

By now you’ve seen a few crochet pattern book references in my blogging. I’d like to share with you all the names of the books (and photos of them to help you scout them out at the store). These little books come in handy when you’re looking for a quick and easy crochet project to complete in a day’s time. They provide you with ALL the necessary materials in lovely, big font at the beginning of each pattern. And, they even tell you what yarn is available in the big box store you’re buying them from. Yes, Wal-Mart is my source for these little books. Five are currently in my collection, but there are several more to purchase, ranging from crochet stitches to crochet hats. Each book costs less than $5, which is killer awesome! Scope them out. Tell me which one you think would tickle your fancy. 🙂

Hail! The Glorious Quintuplets!

Photo taken by:  Debra Lee
Photo taken by: Debra Lee


1.) Hats & Diaper Covers Book Two

Hendrix, Shelle, 2013. Hats & Diaper Covers Book Two. Arkansas:  Leisure Arts, Inc.

Six uber cute animal diaper covers and hats are featured in Shelle Hendrix’s book. I’ve created all of them (some more than once!), with the exception of the “Sock Monkey Set” on page 28 (for no reason other than I didn’t have the yarn colors). Every pattern was easy to follow, using either 3 or 4 worsted weight acrylic yarn. Hats & Diaper Covers Book Two is my go-to book if I want to give an expecting Mother a unique, from-the-heart gift.


2.) Yarn Booties for Baby 10 Crochet Designs

2014. Yarn Booties for Baby 10 Crochet Designs. Arkansas:  Leisure Arts, Inc.

As stated in its title, there are ten (yes, 10!) beautiful baby booty patterns in this book. As I mentioned before in “I Told Ya I Would,” I did have a little difficulty creating my first set of booties. It wasn’t the pattern, but lack of visualization on my end. Beginners:  know that “instep” is the top part of the booty (where baby’s toes are gently tucked under). So, some booties get worked from the instep, sides, sole, and finally cuff. Others are worked from the sole, sides, instep, and then cuff. Hopefully this tid-bit helps you out when you start working on any pair of baby booties. Bottom line is, BABY CROCHET BOOTIES ARE SOO ADORABLE!


3.) Headwraps 10 Crochet Projects

Dayne, Sharlee, 2012. Headwraps 10 Crochet Projects. Arkansas:  Leisure Arts, Inc.

Let’s face it – us gals LOVE to start fashion trends and make a fashion statement. Headwraps are the perfect way to do so without breaking the bank! Go out and buy a couple of skeins of acrylic yarn for under $12, and you have an array of gorgeous headwraps ready to go with any outfit. I must confess I’ve only created one headwrap, BUT! It worked up soo quickly that I could have gone through all ten projects in just ONE DAY! Sharlee Dayne includes each pattern for both girls and teens sizes. If you’d like to fit a larger head, I’d recommend going up one hook size from the recommended size given in the pattern. I’ll be posting pictures of the headwraps I create soon!


4.) Dishcloths 11 Crochet Designs

2014. Dishcloths 11 Crochet Designs. Arkansas:  Leisure Arts, Inc.

Ohhh, dishcloths! These puppies are such a GREAT gift idea! Work up three designs, fold them to make them look like flowers, and place them in a weaved basket with some fruit, and… viola! An inexpensive, 100% useful gift. There are both circular and square designs available. If you ask me, they’re ALL very pretty and colors can easily be changed to suite the theme of your kitchen. 100% cotton yarn is used, making them ultra absorbent and full of texture. I’ve tried and completed one design – can’t wait to finish the other ten! Go on. Start making your gifts for Christmas! Really. It’s never too early for that!


5.) Baby Afghans to Crochet 7 Crochet Designs

2013. Baby Afghans to Crochet 7 Crochet Designs. Arkansas:  Leisure Arts, Inc.

While I have not started on a baby afghan, I did purchase this book for a reason – I promise! Each finished blanket is in the ball park of about 3 ft. x 4 ft. (give or take), meaning it won’t take long to finish each project. Be sure to use a SOFT acrylic yarn (3 worsted weight) to ensure that baby will be comfortable when your blanket touches his or her delicate skin. There are a few Intermediate levels, but most are Easy. I’m really, really excited to start on a baby afghan. Hope to have time in the very near future. Will keep you posted on my progress. 😀

Baby Booties: The NEW Fall Fashion Chic

Indeed it’s summer time. The sun beats down on our heads with its fierce heat, the clouds come and go, bringing fat droplets of rain that plummet against the ground soo quickly you can almost hear them groan with pain, and us Crocheters get to spend some time in our wonderfully cold homes creating fall apparel for babies, children, men, and women. But, mainly babies for me! I’m talking about Baby Booties. They’re beyond adorable, keep your baby’s feet nice and toasty warm, and can be color coordinated with baby’s wardrobe! Not to mention that they’re really inexpensive to make. Ta-dah! Now THAT’S a win-win situation.

Here’s the story behind my Baby Booty Fashion Chic obsession:

I was out shopping at a big box store one day and came across some tiny crochet books in the yarn aisle. So, I opened one up, and to my surprise, the book was not only filled with cute babies with crochet booties on, but the patterns were EXTREMELY EASY to follow. We’re talking Beginner to Beginner+ status here. The line of books tells you what types/brands of yarns to purchase right there in the store. No need to go to the specialty craft stores. NICE!

Anyhoo, I made the purchase after some hesitation (seriously, I already have TONS of crochet pattern books), and started making the oh-s0o-adorable baby booties faster than you can say, “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!” Pictures of my finished baby booties and the names of the books are soon to follow, so stay tuned!


Photo taken by: Debra Lee
Photo taken by: Debra Lee