‘Tis the Season to Crochet

Who’s counting down to Christmas? I know my family and I are! (Yes, there are only THREE days to go!) With Christmas in mind, I went to town with my crochet hooks, crocheting one timeless piece after another. And so, allow me to introduce you to a few pieces I put together.

Hanging merrily from the ladder in the back is a scarf I created (FREE pattern will be posted soon!) using a yarn called, “Comfort 12” by Jack Frost Yarn Co. Not only was the 50 gram ball priced right at a dollar and change back in the day, but the yarn itself feels wonderful! If you come across this vintage yarn, buy the entire lot and make yourself lots and lots of beautiful crochet items!

On the sofa, there is a pillow splashed with the colors of fall and I’ll argue- Christmas! See the red and green? Yup! The story behind this pillow is such:  I had two pillows which were going to pot from being put in the washing machine soo often. I didn’t want to toss them because they’re super comfy! So, I find a stitch pattern from my favorite handy-dandy book entitled, Crochet Stitch Guide by Jean Leinhauser and Mary Ann Frits, and come up with pillow covers for the pair. I tell you, it was a sigh of relief knowing that my two comfy pillows would not be thrown out! (No worries! Click HERE for my FREE Pillow Cover Pattern!) 

Last but not least, there is a cream colored lap blanket draped neatly over the head of the sofa. I used “Caron by the Pound” yarn for this pretty piece, and it’s THE softest blanket I’ve ever crocheted! It gets softer and softer with each wash, and makes the perfect Christmas gift for any loved one. (The stitch pattern was acquired from my handy-dandy pocket book mentioned above. See page 27 when you buy it! The stitch pattern can be found there.)

I hope my enthusiasm for crochet has inspired you to create your own masterpieces! I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many blessings to you all.

(Revised 12/27/2016)


Crochet for the Holidays TODAY!

In case you’re wondering when you should start crocheting for the holidays, follow my advice – start TODAY. I’ve all too often told myself, “Oh, I’ll start that Halloween costume as soon as October comes around.” Well, let me tell ya, it doesn’t happen. Birthdays come and go, plans are made, ideas for the ‘who, what, when, where’ for Christmas are tossed back and forth… life becomes soo exhausting that your coveted crochet time becomes obsolete!

Give yourself at least three months (any less and you’d be committing suicide!) prior to the holidays to create your crochet projects. Start by searching for your favorite (and make sure they’re practical so you don’t throw yourself under the bus) pattern. From there, give yourself a timeline. Guesstimate how long each project will take, and build from there. The key here, especially if you’re creating for gifts or selling, is to not overload yourself. Boy, oh boy do I know that feeling! Not good for you or your projects.

So, start crocheting for the holidays TODAY! Trust me, you’ll be saving yourself much time and frustration. Now, I better start on my Halloween projects! Definitely don’t want to put those off this year. 🙂

Happy crocheting, ya’ll!

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